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Meet Jon


Howdy, I'm Jon!

I'm a New York City wedding photographer who specializes in elopements – also known as intimate weddings or pop-up weddings.

I was born in Alaska and raised in Texas, but have called NYC my home for ten years now. It's where I met my beautiful wife, May, and where we've started our family with the addition of Lincoln, our ever-entertaining son.

When we have free time you can usually find us rock climbing, playing pool, cooking up a batch of homebrew beer, or exploring the world together. Some of the favorite places we've visited include Greece, Colombia, Iceland, and Japan.


Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events that tell the story of two individuals coming together to form one family, and of course every wedding tells a different story. Our job is to be the narrator of that story – to preserve it for you and future generations to look back on and understand what life, love, and happiness meant to you.

We handcraft love stories in a modern, relaxed style and our number one goal is to produce honest photographs that stand the test of time. No cheesy posing or trendy effects here! The majority of our time together is spent creatively documenting your wedding as it unfolds naturally, with a portion of time dedicated to photographing lightheartedly bold portraits.

Some Fun Facts

I love sour candy! If my teeth hurt while eating it, I will consume it all.

I'm an adventurous soul; you can convince me to try just about anything once…except swimming with sharks. I don't play that game.

The coldest shower I've ever taken in my life was halfway up Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, in an outdoor shed at 2am.

I have almost stepped on a seal and run my bike into a wolf. Not at the same time.