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India, Part III: Agra and Delhi (And Announcing a Travel Deal)

After celebrating our friend's wedding for almost a week straight, the third and final leg of our incredible journey through India (see part one and part two) was a quick stop in Agra to see the Taj Mahal and then Delhi, where we spent a few days relaxing before flying back to NYC. Before we get to the images, though, I have a big announcement to make.

If you couldn't tell, I love to travel. My wife and I try to take one big international trip every year, and each year is a more interesting destination than the last. This year was India, last year was a multi-country tour of Europe (you can start with part one here), before that was Colombia, and next year already has some good options in the mix.

I want to find couples who share this passion for travel and I want to document their destination weddings and elopements in a way that not only captures the wedding or elopement itself, but also the entire experience of the journey. Going to the night market to try some crazy street food? Count me in! Renting some scooters to search for a watering hole some local told you about at the bar last night? I'll race you there! Bungee jumping off a bridge in the middle of a rain forest? I'll go first! (If you're ever in Costa Rica, check out Tropical Bungee)

Traveling is fun. Weddings are fun. Elopements are fun. Let's combine all that fun into one big punch bowl of awesome! To get the ball rolling, here's the deal I'm offering:

If I have never shot a wedding or elopement in the country yours is taking place in, you'll get 15% off your wedding or elopement package (travel fees still apply). Once an event has been booked in a given country, it will be closed to the discount. As of now, only Canada is closed; the REST OF THE WORLD is up for grabs!

I also have the top 3 places I'd like to travel for 2014. These 3 countries will receive 40% off a wedding or elopement package (travel fees still apply) if booked for 2014: Japan, New Zealand, and Sweden. These countries will also close to the discount after an event has been booked.

So, are you traveling somewhere awesome for your wedding or elopement? Drop me a note!

And now for the final installment of some of my favorite photos from India. Enjoy!



















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