NYC Wedding Photographer

My name is Jon Lemon, and I’m an NYC wedding photographer. I’ve been documenting New York weddings for 10 years now, and there’s nothing more thrilling than being along for the ride as two people tie the knot in the best city in the world. Over 350 love stories have been captured on all sorts of wedding days, from Central Park elopements to large Brooklyn loft weddings.

My photography style can be described as candid moments + editorial portraits. Your wedding day is more than a set of individual moments, it’s a vivid story of interwoven smaller stories. So letting you naturally enjoy your wedding day is a top priority while candid moments are captured with an artful eye. A portion of time is also dedicated to directing effortless and elegant portraits to complement your candid story.

My approach to being an NYC wedding photographer.

Being an NYC wedding photographer is a very unique job. While being technically demanding, there's a grace that needs to follow. Tuning into what you have going on, while searching for artful moments is what produces unique imagery for every wedding client. You’ll forget the camera is there! All you need to bring is your love.

The majority of the wedding day is spent with me being along for the ride. Right there with you as you get your hair done and tell your friends about your favorite date with your groom. With you as you see each other for the first time and exchange notes at your first look. Down the aisle as you exchange your vows and open your hearts to each other forever. There as you hug all your loved ones in celebration. And right in the thick of it as you party the night away! I'm here to artfully document your wedding story. What story will your photos tell?

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