Bethesda Terrace Elopement of Sarah & Eric

I’m so stoked to finally share the Bethesda Terrace elopement of Sarah & Eric with you! They stayed at the awesome (and awesomely located) Park Central Hotel, then migrated up to Central Park for their wedding ceremony, followed by a brunch reception a short walk away at Tavern on the Green. How do you keep it simple and classy when getting married in NYC? Follow Sarah & Eric’s lead! Get ready somewhere great. Have the ceremony somewhere cool. And go somewhere delicious for a meal with your family and friends.

Bride and groom celebrating after their Bethesda Terrace elopement.

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Getting Ready at the Park Central Hotel

Before heading out for their Bethesda Terrace elopement, I spent a few minutes with Eric getting ready as he put on his jacket and made sure his pocket square was on point. As he left for the ceremony, I spent some time with Sarah getting some details of her wedding dress and her awesome Betsey Johnson lace bridal shoes. I highly recommend including getting ready photos as a part of your intimate wedding day.

Betsey Johnson bridal shoes.
Bride getting ready at the Park Central Hotel in NYC.
Bride and family walking through Central Park.

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Bethesda Terrace Elopement Ceremony

Before the start of their Bethesda Terrace wedding, Sarah stayed back with her dad for a few moments together. As he walked her down the stairs and through Bethesda Terrace, you could see the joy and pride on his face. I love the hug he had with Eric as he handed her off to get married! The rest of the ceremony contained just as many great moments, especially when they exchanged vows.

Bethesda Terrace elopement ceremony with family and friends.
Vows being exchanged at Bethesda Terrace elopement ceremony.
Bride and groom exchange their rings in Central Park, NYC.

Tears all around! Great ceremonies like this keep me on my toes, and my head constantly looking around for moments unfolding. Such a great Bethesda Terrace wedding! I’m a huge fan of all of the hugs and congratulations that happen right after the ceremony. I stick close to the couple and get as many as I can, because they come quick!

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Wedding Portraits in Central Park

Immediately after your Bethesda Terrace elopement you can start right into your Central Park wedding portraits. The classic architectural elements show that you’re not just in any park, but one of the most iconic parks in the world. In fact, most of the locations you see in movies and TV shows are from this southern end of the park. Bethesda Terrace and Naumburg Bandshell in particular are two of the most recognizable locations, so why not use them for your wedding photos too?

Bethesda Terrace wedding portraits of the bride and groom.
A detail photo of the bride's rings and bouquet.
Bride and groom portraits at Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park, NYC.

Sheep Meadow is one of my favorite spots in Central Park to walk to after a Bethesda Terrace elopement. Skyscrapers emerge from the dense greens of the park while a wide clearing opens in front of you. Usually it’s full of locals sunbathing and grabbing a margarita from the cooler guy. Sprinkle in the tourists that have stumbled upon this field and you have a great mix of characters to watch. As Sarah & Eric walked towards Tavern on the Green, it was still pretty empty so the views were extra nice.

Wedding couple in Sheep Meadow NYC.
Walking through Central Park just after their Bethesda Terrace elopement ceremony.

Brunch Reception at Tavern on the Green

Tavern on the Green is a classic choice for taking people out for special meal. Brunch after your Bethesda Terrace elopement? Definitely a good call! Sarah & Eric, thank you for having me along to document your wedding story for you.

Wedding couple outside Tavern on the Green.
Wedding lunch reception at Tavern on the Green.

The Best NYC Elopement Vendors

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Florist – Bettlebug
Reception venue – Tavern on the Green
Central Park wedding photographer – JC Lemon Photography

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