The City Hall Elopement of Mary & Joreal

These City Hall wedding photos from Mary & Joreal’s elopement are a prime example of what an amazing wedding day with no guests can look like. Mary and Joreal came all the way up from Atlanta to have an NYC elopement, letting the established process at City Hall provide for easy logistics and the backdrop of the NYC skyline play 3rd wheel in their gorgeous wedding photos.

City Hall Wedding Photos

From the moment they walked into the Marriage Bureau, I knew that Mary and Joreal were going to have amazing City Hall wedding photos. I love that anticipation that builds up before the couple gets called in for the ceremony, and then to see it all bubble over throughout the vows, ring exchange, and then walking outside as a married couple. And these guys held nothing back. Sometimes one of the more challenging parts of wedding photography can be to anticipate these peaks of emotion, but hanging out with Mary and Joreal felt like we were all in a line dance. All in sync.

During this part of the day, I’m mostly operating as a photojournalist so I just let Mary and Joreal be with themselves as I floated around and got what I needed. The ceremony itself is very brief at City Hall, maybe 2 minutes total haha. I might look like a calm and collected photographer in those chapels, but it’s a mad dash to get everything in that short of a time. All while trying to remain as invisible as possible! Luckily the officiants at the Marriage Bureau are all amazing and provide for smooth sailing every time. I love that Mary & Joreal grabbed a selfie with their wedding officiant!

Outside of the City Clerk's Office, aka City Hall

Walking into City Hall for their elopement

Bride and groom waiting to get married at City Hall

Excited for her City Hall wedding ceremony to start

One of the many great officiants at NYC City Hall

The ring exchange is just as emotional at an elopement

These City Hall wedding photos show how to still have an awesome elopement without any guests

Being pronounced married at the Marriage Bureau

Such a sweet kiss after their City Hall wedding ceremony

A warm embrace directly after their NYC Marriage Bureau wedding ceremony

The bride & groom grab a selfie with their officiant

Sneakerheads have weddings too!

I love this photo above of Mary & Joreal walking towards the exit after their City Hall wedding. And this is also when Mary changed over to her special wedding day kicks to match Joreal. A sneakerhead match made in heaven! Outside we hailed a cab and hopped over the Brooklyn Bridge for portraits in DUMBO (Directly Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass – the more you know!), one of the most requested neighborhoods for portraits. With its skyline views, cobblestone streets, industrial buildings, and the mix of grit and shine, it’s easy to see why people love having it play a part in their wedding day photos. Plus, it’s only a 5-minute cab ride over from City Hall!

A quick taxi ride over to Brooklyn after their City Hall wedding

Bride getting out of the cab in Brooklyn, such great laughter

The wedding couple basking in the morning sun with the NYC skyline in the background

Wedding portraits in DUMBO are always amazing, such great views of the skyline and Brooklyn Bridge

Snapping the wedding day

Such a colorful corner of DUMBO Brooklyn for wedding photos

A beautiful bride and dashing groom in Brooklyn

DUMBO has such wonderful architecture for wedding photos, including views of the Manhattan Bridge

Jane's Carousel makes a great backdrop for wedding photos, including lifestyle ring photos!

A calm, quiet portrait of the bride and groom in front of graffiti

The wedding photos in DUMBO Brooklyn included this awesome graffiti wall

Mary and Joreal thank you so much for having me along to document your fun and sweet day. Y’all were so amazing to spend time with!

NYC Elopement Vendors

Elopement photographer – JC Lemon Photography